Account Based Lead Generation

Here's the story how Account Based Lead Generation was added as a service at Inside Sales on Demand: At ISOD, we have been providing SaaS closures as a service for a while now with results. We've been faced with two major problems

  1. Companies with non-existant or inefficient outbound lead generation. We understand it's a task to set one up and to set one up that produces predictable results month on month.
  2. Lack of Lead Qualification reps for inbound leads. Inbound leads are good in terms of volume but are mostly useless because they are, mostly, no-fits.

And this, we know, is a major problem for most inhouse sales teams as well. Contact us to get started with Account Based Lead Generation for your Enterprise/ B2B SaaS.

This is when Account Based Lead Generation makes the most sense:

  1. You have been around for a while and generally know who cares about your product (s) and/ or have a theory (from your interviews) of what kind of firms might benefit the most from your product (s).
  2. One can search for and find these target individuals and companies on Linkedin, Angellist, mattermark etc.
  3. You do NOT have a commoditized product.

This is where we've seen this working the best and worst, in terms of product market fit:

       1. Larger deal sizes

       2. B2B except for B2B2C, so if your product caters to businesses that directly sell into consumers, this may not be the best way to create traction.

       3. Developer platforms. If you have a developer platform that you sell to developers, you might want to use some other strategy to sell to them.

They say, as someone who sells, you should never reveal everything about the service and the price of the service at the very beginning. So, here we go ;)

Here's my career at a glance: On average, we get Open rates > 60% and Sales Opportunities at 1-1.5%.

  1. Over 10 years of inside sales experience in software and predominently SaaS solutions. Over 6 years of inside sales management experience throughout which I've managed to continuously find ways to keep my hands dirty.
  2. Sold to over 20 countries so far but predominantly in the US, India, Western Euro pe and Canada.
  3. Sold from $50 a month SaaS to a $250K a year deal.
  4. Products sold so far include: Messaging bots' platform, business messenger platform, subscription software, testing SaaS, Visual Marketing software, Mobile CAD software, as well as traditional tools such as ERP, CRM, PLM etc. Always excited about taking out best of breed tools to people who need them.

And, as for charges, they are transparent as well:

$1000 per month for reaching out to 250 people in a month. This includes prospecting as well, so you don't have to provide the exact contact details of people you want us to reach out to, just an ideal prospect profile is enough.

The way it works:

Lead Gen: We've multiple consultants to work on this (if you've read predictable revenue (Aaron Ross) or if you have managed inside sales long enough, you'd know these are specialized roles and need separate focused set of people)

  1. You provide us with the profile (s) of ideal customers
  2. We research on linkedin or other sites for e-mail id and reach out using an email/ other manual/ digital steps over the next (upto) 2 months

What can you expect?

The system takes 2-3 month to stabilize and start producing predictable results. When it is working well, it typically produces 1-1.5% sales opportunity conversion from outreach. So if you are reaching out to 1000 people in a month, you produce (on average) 10-15 sales opportunities for your sales teams to then work on and close for you.

What do we call a Sales Opportunity?

  1. Someone who is a decision maker or influencer, and
  2. Is interested in exploring more about your product for their org

What is it that we do not call a Sales opportunity?

  1. Someone who's referred someone else to speak with till such time they actually show intent and are someone who can, at least, influence buying.
  2. Someone who has shown interest but isn't ready yet to take action, yet.

Why does it work?

If you have outsourced lead generation in the past, and are thinking why this works where others have failed, apart from having an established working process.

1) We have feedback loops in place to make sure, we get better over time. We start at 60-70% of the system and build it up from there for each new firm we work with.

2) We use the reputation of our consultants to add trust in your product (that also means that we turn down a few projects that we don't want to associate with as well).

3) Lastly, and probably most importantly, while other companies' leads convert at 10% or lower, ISOD's sales opportunities close at 25-50% depending on company size, and number of competitors, mostly. This is because there is no incentive (in our processes) to create meetings, we create genuine interest in the product. Since we are salespeople ourselves, we don't want you to waste your time and that of your prospects' on activities like 'picking their brain' or 'asking their advice'.

In Summary:

What we provide: Outsourced Account Based Lead Generation for B2B/ Enterprise SaaS Startups

Who we serve: B2B/ Enterprise SaaS firms/ startups that wants to create traction in an established market or wants to test their hypothesis with a few other verticals/ geographies.

Why we exist: To provide Inside Sales/ Field Sales deal closers from B2B/ Enterprise SaaS Startups/ smaller firms with a reliable source of pipeline that is predictable. We provide our customers with access to the world's best account based lead generation technologies without having to pay full time. In essence gaining access to hitherto 'non-viable to crack' customers.

What do we do best: Create traction. For our deal closing services, please click on Sales as a Service tab.

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