Field Sales as a Service

Here's why we've started Field Sales as a Service:

At ISOD, we have been providing SaaS closures as a service for a while now with results. We have been working with companies all over the world, but there are instances (usually when deal sizes are larger than USD 50k per year) where a face to face meeting makes all the difference. We have started the field sales as a service offering with a rep in the Bay Area. Contact us to get started with Bay Area Field Sales as a Service for your Enterprise/ B2B SaaS.

This is when Field Sales as a Service makes the most sense:

  1. You have sales opportunities in a specific region that needs face to face meetings to close.
  2. Your deal sizes are no less than $2k per month.
  3. You are consistently producing 5 or more sales opportunities in the area every month.

They say, as someone who sells, you should never reveal everything about the service and the price of the service at the very beginning. So, here we go ;)

And, as for charges, they are two pronged:

  1. Retainer: $2000 per month for working on upto 5 sales opportunities a month.
  2. Commission: 12% of first year's revenue generated, paid as and when the customer pays, on MRR or on ACV.

The way it works:

Closures: We'll need:

  1. Email id:
  2. Basic training on the product, how it helps our customers, what are the biggest problems it's a solution for
  3. Training on who are the typical buyers, what does their day look like, what are their priorities, what words or phrases excite them (in the context of our product)
  4. Sales material required: Company profile, product brochures, case studies.
  5. Access to CRM (could be a separate CRM as well).
  6. We'd need the sales opportunity to be handed over to us as soon as it can be termed as a sales opportunity.

What do we call a Sales Opportunity?

  1. Someone who is a decision maker or influencer, and
  2. Is interested in exploring more about your product for their org

What is it that we do not call a Sales opportunity?

  1. Someone who's referred someone else to speak with till such time they actually show intent and are someone who can, at least, influence buying
  2. Someone who has shown interest but isn't ready yet to take action.

In Summary:

What we provide: Outsourced Field Sales as a Service for B2B/ Enterprise SaaS Startups

Who we serve: B2B/ Enterprise SaaS firms/ startups that wants to sell face to face for certain accounts.

Why we exist: To provide B2B/ Enterprise SaaS firms with a reliable field sales presence in regions where there are opportunities or heavy competitor presence.

What do we don't do with this service: Create traction. Please click on Account Based Lead Generation tab for help with that.

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