Outsource B2B SaaS Sales

Outsource Closing Inside Sales for B2B SaaS Startup to the World's Top 100

This is a service built for B2B SaaS firms to get their hands on an outsourced IS Resource that puts them at an equal footing to an enterprise SaaS firm as far as selling skills are concerned. You have a product that can challenge theirs, now get an equal shot at the sale with one of World's top 100 closing IS resource on Demand.

Typical Scenarios when ISOD makes the most sense:


  1. You are a smaller firm, you are getting a few prospect leads but can't keep a full time ace closer busy yet. You can outsource it to a proven professional with us to work on your prospects through closures.
  2. You are a firm in New Zealand (for example) and want to have a professional work on leads coming in from Europe. If you have prospective customers you've had to traditionally ignore (or worse, not give your best) bacause of time zone, you no longer have to.
  3. You are primarily an Enterprise SaaS firm. Your software makes perfect sense for SMBs as well (at least theoretically) but you have ignored these prospects as it doesn't make financial sense for your field reps to pursue. Pass them over to us!


They say, as a someone who sells, you should never reveal everything about the service and the price of the service at the very beginning. So, here we go ;)

Here's my career at a glance: Raj Nadar (So far conversion is >50% of corporate deals and >25% of Enterprise deals)

The Charges are two pronged:


  1. $200 per prospective customer you'd like for us to work on (or $2000 for upto 20 prospects per month): This is to ensure, we engage in deals that you think are worth the effort. It is per prospective customer instead of a half hour or hour or 2 hours to ensure, we close it at the earliest. If something isn't closing for you, we'll retire it with reasons.
  2. 8% of Year 1 Contract Value (if there is no contract, 8% of (Monthly/ quarterly revenue for the first year)) paid in alignment with how individual customers pay you. This is to ensure, the IS resource is motivated to close this business for you.


If your product sells at an average price of $200 per month, this model works even if 1 in 12 close with a time to recover cost of 1 year..

What do we call a qualified lead?

These are the 2 sources of leads that work best for this model:


  1. Leads from inbound marketing in case of corporate deals
  2. Leads from outbound lead generating IS resource (s) in case of enterprise deals,


BANT or BANTe works just fine but otherwise, the below information will suffice: 

a) Person: Decision maker or designate

b) Understanding of context and priority

c) Answer to the question 'why now' is available (in some form)

What do we call a sale?


  1. Corporate deals: Card added on file
  2. Enterprise deals: Contract signed


How does it work?


  1. IS resource will provide access to their calendar.
  2. You'll be responsible for the logistics of web meetings and provide us with details on how to participate.
  3. You'll be provided a Paypal Account to make payments into once a week/ month.
  4. They say 'If you are good at something, don't do it for free..
  5. Which is why, We'll take care of the first month's sales opportunities for you at no charge. :)


In Summary


What we provide:

Outsourced Closing IS Resource On Demand for B2B/ Enterprise SaaS Startups/ smaller firms



Who we serve:

B2B/ Enterprise SaaS firms/ startups that want to convert traction into paying customers



Why we exist:

To provide Inside Sales deal closers on demand to B2B/ Enterprise SaaS Startups faced with sub-optimum opportunity to revenue conversion rates. We provide our customers access to the world's best IS closers without having to pay for them full time. In essence gaining access to hitherto 'non-viable to crack' customers.



What we don't do:

Create traction. Click on the Account-Based Lead Generation tab for help with that.   




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    Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu 629702
  • Email: raj.nadaratinsidesaleondemand.com
  • Website: www.insidesalesondemand.com