Sales as a Service

Here's the story how Inside Sales as a Service at ISOD came into being:

At ISOD, we are a bunch of Sales Rockstars who just love B2B/ Enterprise selling. We all have a passion for helping Startups. We have varied experience levels, backgrounds etc but we have all sold for some ubercool SaaS firms in hyper-competitive as well as evangelical markets. Contacts us to get started with a closing IS professional for your SaaS. (Think you are a closing IS Rockstar? Jump here).

We are constantly upgrading our skills and have multiple means (communication skills, technology, relationships, social) at our disposal for achieving results as we are continually at the forefront with potential customers and customers.


Story 1

A CEO and co-founder with over 10 years of industry experience with big-ticket companies. Of course you can sell, right?

A Big company launching a new service. It takes 12 months to sell, you twist and turn every term and condition, rip off your prices, promise features which aren't available or viable, even do things they didn't ask you to do, but that's not what they want. Anyway you have a deal.


Story 2

Another large company, launching a new service. It takes 3 months, no negotiations, they are looking forward to work with you.

Commonalities in the 2 stories: Large teams, business, finance, IT, channels, politics between them, processes that need to be followed..

Great guess! story 2 had a professional as part of the team.

Here's my Story:

Have you been here? You have an amazing job, a job you love, you are learning everyday, you're adding value to people's lives..

But.. You seem to drag your feet to the office on a Monday morning, you are horrified with what's between the job you love and all the other stuff that needs to be done to get there..


Same Story, but the other side:

You want to hire the best resource but don't have leads enough to keep him/ her busy fulltime.

Well, this is me trying to change that, so I do what I do best: Enter into genuine conversations and if there is a fit, help people buy.. and you, get your hands on an established, successful and trusted IS Resource when needed without having to pay like an FTE or more when outsourced.

I hope you enjoy this ride!



To be the platform where professionals get into meaningful and genuine conversations, with no regard for the outcome.


Provide B2B/ Enterprise SaaS Startups with an equal shot at customer wins with Inside Sales as a Service.


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